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ND 1940-1957 1000 Francs from Tahiti, Banque de I'Indochine. "SPECIMEN BANKNOTE" Pick # 15s and serial # O.00 000 0157. Graded 65 EPQ (Exceptional Paper Quality) Gem Uncirculated by PMG. This is such a phenomenal specimen banknote. A true beauty of a note!!! Wide margins, white original paper quality, sharp edges and the embossing is so so prominent and deep that creates very noticeable paper waves on this over sized note. Great mixture of colors adds great eye appeal, full of details and designs, it will keep you looking.. Overprint title underneath top margin: "BANQUE DE L'INDOCHINE". The word Specimen is in black overprint on the left side of the note in a diagonal form. And the Word SPECIMEN is perforated on the right side in a vertical form. Value is at top left and right corner in red ink. Printed in the french language. A group of women gathered on the left side with camels behind them, Woman to the right sitting on the ground exposing one of her bare breasts in the portrait. Reverse side: Woman carrying a basket and smiling, while to the right there is a man standing and just starring at her. Green and brown on Multicolored. Market scene at left and in background, seated woman at right. As a specimen banknote. Watermark: Woman's facing head.

A specimen banknote is printed generally in very limited quantities for distribution to central banks to aid in the recognition of banknotes from a country other than their own. In some cases, specimen banknotes are printed in less limited quantities distributed to commercial banks, or even to commercial enterprises and the public at large in order to familiarize users about new designs. In addition, specimen banknotes are sold in some countries to collectors (often in special commemorative folders or albums).

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