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2012 100 Pesos from Argentina. Banco Central de la Republica. Pk 358a and serial number 07051538A. Commemorative Issue note graded 69 Premium Paper Quality Superb Gem New by PCGS. Most Collectors are not aware of this FACT. Pick 358a EVITA is the most beloved Argentinian Woman in the Land and a 60th anniversary Commemorative edition note was created in her honor. Absolutely stunning note with eye appeal any collector dreams of finding! In excellent condition including perfect margins, strong colors, evident embossing, and fresh crisp paper! Red and black serial number seen on the front side. Paper waves are visible due to the intense embossing! Eva De Peron profile at right and as watermark. María Eva Duarte de Perón was the second wife of Argentine President Juan Perón and served as the First Lady of Argentina from 1946 until her death in 1952. Perón became a legendary figure in Argentine politics. A skilled speaker, she was adored by the poor citizens she worked hard to help, but she was not without critics and detractors. Asked to run as vice president with her husband in 1951, she faced opposition by the army. Perón ultimately turned down the post—possibly due to the health issues she was battling around this same time, stemming from cervical cancer. Since her death, Perón's life continues to fascinate people around the world. The story of a poor girl who became a prominent political power has been the subject of countless books, films and plays. Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote the hit musical Evita (1979), which was loosely based on Perón's life. Madonna later played Perón in the 1996 film version, with Antonio Banderas portraying Che Guevara.


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Shipping and Insurance Policy

 Many ask regarding DO WE COMBINE SHIPPING?


ANSWER: Please bid with patience and when you are all done winning multiple items 

with one payment not exceeding 15-18 days from your first purchase go ahead and request from us an invoice and we will combine all your purchases. Once you pay, within 24 hours we will ship out all your items in one parcel.


International Under $200 ::Pay First Class $12.50

International $201-$800 ::  Pay Registered $28.00

International $801-$100K:: Pay Express Insured mail $60.00


USA $200 and under :: Pay First Class $6.00

USA From $201-$800 ::Pay Priority Mail $12.50

USA Over $801-$100K::Pay Express Over night mail $25.00



Trusted Traditions recommends because we will be offering 100’s of weekly auctions with No Reserves that each buyer wait 7-14 days before checking out and paying if you are interested in other items and want to combine shipping fees and save money.




Simply pay all at once, one time and all your items will ship in one heavy duty double box with the lowest possible shipping fee based on the total value on the full order.




If you are in the USA and the total values of all your items are less than $200 you pay only $6 exact shipping fee for First Class mail with full insured tracking information.




For total values From $201 to $500 the USA buyer pays is $12.50 for Priority Mail with full insured tracking information. 




For total values From $501 to $100,000.00, the maximum the USA buyer pays is $25 for Express Mail insured overnight by 3pm the next day. (We pay a Private secondary Insurance Company that insures all orders thru the United States Post Office)



For ALL International orders who pay all at once and the total value is under $200 you pay $12.50 First Class mail with full tracking information, Totals Over $201 to $800 the Max you pay for all your items in one box in $28 for Registered Insured Mail with door to door tracking .



For ALL other international orders from $801 to $100,000.00, the maximum you pay is $60 for Express International Insured Mail with door to door tracking. 



By the end of the day you paid in full or first thing in the morning you will get the exact full tracking information to follow. Keep in mind with MOST international packages as soon as the package leaves the United States borders often times tracking goes dark , this does not mean the package is lost , it means the Post office’s computer systems does not update as fast as we like them to but after 20 years in business and 50,000 packages only 2 packages ever got lost so please allow 30-60 days for each package !




Do not be concerned with your package until the arrival time is delayed beyond the 45th day of the initial shipment. Then kindly email us to immediately investigate.




99 percent of the time because these registered insured packages must be signed for they often SIT at the Post Office waiting for YOU to claim the package so please inform your Post Master you are expecting this package.




eBay mandates WE ship within 24 hours of payment so we can NEVER hold orders once you pay but you can delay payment up to but no longer then 15 days from the time of your very first purchase .




This information informs all new eBayers who ask these same questions daily from all walks on earth, at all hours of the day who deserve a very fast reply regardless what time of the day it is. Also keep in mind we are closed on all weekends and USA Holidays.


Any further questions Please Inquire.




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 Payment Policy




ATTENTION: Combine shipping items with one payment and save! If you purchase multiple items and pay all at once, you will only pay one shipping fee and save money!


Payments are expected within 15 calendar days after auction has ended. If there is any reason the purchaser is not happy with the items they have received, you have 30 calendar days, from the date it was purchased, to return or exchange the items. We want to always fulfill your total happiness and pleasure. Full 100 percent refund, no questions asked return policy. Please include your name, address, phone, email, and the ITEM NUMBER(S) with your payment.  


Trusted Traditions suggests when returning items you utilize expedited shipping services and insure items for their full value. If you have any questions please contact us. 

Thanks for Bidding on our Auctions and have Fun !!!!