Trusted Traditions

Having built Trusted Traditions around one idea - supplying my clients with the highest quality collectibles while still providing superior service & competitive prices. Trusted Traditions history encompasses over twenty years of dedicated service to the collector community. Whether you are selling your whole portfolio, a single note, or want to supply us a "want list" we can accommodate all your needs and wishes. Trusted Traditions is located at 275 East Commercial Blvd., Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida 33308. You can call us at 954-938-9700 or email — John Markis, President

Our Goal is to Help Build Your Collection

Whether your an EBay buyer or looking to acquire that one-of-a-kind note at one of the major auction houses Trusted Traditions can help. We have over 3,000 notes listed with EBay and carry a 100% satisfaction score with+23,000 positive feedback. John also attends all the major currency shows throughout the country every year and is an active buyer at the shows as well as the auctions attached to the shows by the major auction houses.With all this research and buying power behind him John is able to obtain notes that are unavailable to even the most seasoned collectors. Also with over 20 years being active in the hobby John has, at one time or another, seen or sold most of the notes held in major collections. He knows where they are and most times is informed when a particular rare notes is going to be offered. Supplying a "want list" will often yield results in a very short time.
John Markis of Trusted Traditions

A New Experience of Flavor

Coffee tastes have changed so much that I remember around 2012, introducing a much more acidic coffee into our blend thinking we were going to lead customers into a new experience of flavour, only to be dismayed on day one with customer’s dissatisfaction with a fruitier and more flavourful coffee. Coffee is after all the seed of a fruit. From then on, we began to work at a gradual pace, turning up the brightness a little, season after season. Today we can proudly craft a coffee with notes of lemon meringue, strawberry or passionfruit and find people on all sides of the counter are learning and developing their pallets.

US ands International Banknotes

An Inventory Unequaled by Few

We normally carry an inventory of over 300 Unites States Notes, and over 2,300 International Banknotes. With these resources we very often have exactly what you are looking for, in the appropriate grade, and at a reasonable competitive market price. If we don't have the exact item you are looking for on the website email or call us and let us know what it is you desire. Most likely we do know where it can be found and if available for sale. Every client is important to us regardless of your economic resources. Many of our clients started small, and now twenty years later are enjoying the vast appreciation of their notes.

Sharing our knowledge

We are alway happy to advise novice collectors. Our knowledge and expertise is vast and fueled by the tens of thousands of notes we have handled, and ten times that many we have seen.We invite your questions and inquiries via our email - - or phone - 954-938-9700.